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Utah is known for its hot summers. Thankfully, most vehicles on the road today are equipped with HVAC systems that can keep your vehicles cabin comfortable, warm or cool. A vehicle AC system is a complex network of components that work in conjunction with your engine to cool and 'condition' the air inside your vehicles cabin. These components include a compressor, condenser, receiver dryer, expansion valve and evaporator.

Refrigerant or Freon

These components circulate what's called refrigerant, also commonly referred to as Freon (Freon is a trademarked brand of refrigerant). Refrigerant must be 'charged' into your vehicles AC system to produce cool air. Refrigerant does not necessarily go bad but can gradually leak out of your system causing it to be less or totally ineffective. Gradual leaking over years of service is common and can be remedied by a system recharge. Often a simple recharge will rejuvenate your vehicles AC system and provide years of effective cooling. If your system develops a large leak, your vehicle may become ineffective at cooling much sooner. In this case the A/C system's leak can be diagnosed by one of our technicians, and repaired.

All these pieces of equipment work together in a system that must be functioning properly in order to cool the air that we enjoy when we flip on the AC on a hot summers day. There are many pieces to this system, and any one part failure can lead to a system that inefficiently cools or does not cool at all. If your AC system is in need of repair or recharge, give us a call and we can get your vehicle scheduled for diagnosis and repair!

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