We Resurface Clutch Flywheels

Locations that offer Clutch Flywheel Grinding

  • Best Deal Spring Payson
  • Best Deal Spring St. George

Best Deal Spring services heavy-duty clutches in class 5-8 trucks. We have a large inventory of quality heavy-duty clutches. Our qualified technicians, and specialized equipment can efficiently, and correctly replace your clutch.

Resurface or Replace?

Replacing your clutch can be a costly repair, especially if you need to replace your flywheel. Not only are heavy-duty flywheels expensive, but they may not be stocked by many aftermarket parts providers and may require time to order and bring in. This is not good if you need your rig to get around or if you depend on it to perform work.

Replacement flywheels are available in the event that a new one is needed, however, In most cases clutch flywheels can be ground on a special machine known as a clutch flywheel grinder. Most flywheels can be ground or 'resurfaced' multiple times before they reach the end of their service life.

Come to Best Deal Spring for all your heavy-duty clutch needs

Best Deal Spring has invested in multiple clutch flywheel grinders in order to offer this service to our customers. We often clutch flywheel resurfacing as a same- or next-day service. Our service centers at some of our locations can not only resurface your clutch flywheel, but also repair or install a new clutch for you! For more information, or to schedule your vehicle, give us a call!

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