Part Number: 6DR

Features & Benefits:

  • Dependability The ShockStrap provides superior shock absorption by allowing the strap to stretch without coming loose and falling off
  • Durability The ShockStrap is made from a proprietary formula that holds up against most chemicals, sunlight, oil, salt water, fungus and moisture
  • Rust Resistant The hooks and buckles are yellow zinc coated, which lasts 8 to 10 times longer than chrome plating
  • Wider Hooks Hooks have been bent to have a wider opening to allow for more connection points
  • The 6DR ShockStrap is rated at 500 lbs
  • Quality 1 Polyester material is rated at 3800 lbs breaking point with a 1100 lbs work load limit
  • 3/8 Yellow zinc chromate finish steel hooks with ruberized coating to protect connetion surfaces
  • Cam buckle finished with yellow zinc chromate and rated to 1800 lbs capacity
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Shipping Weight: 2.8 lbs.
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The 6DR Red ShockStrap is a useful 6' length, made of 1 red Polyester webbing, 3/8 steel hooks. A proprietary formula is used to make the ShockStrap and our cam buckle is built with aggressive teeth to bite into the webbing. The 1 Polyester webbing has a 3800 lb breaking point and 1100 lb working load limit. Polyester webbing is in many ways superior to Polypropylene webbing and stretches less. It is more resistant to rot and mildew, and has a higher strength rating and a softer feel in your hands. The ShockStrap Hooks are made of 3/8 yellow zinc chromate finished steel with protective rubberized coating to protect all your attachment points and to help prevent slippage. It also offers better weather resistance and durability compared to standard chrome plating. The hooks are bent with wider openings to allow for more connection points compared to the smaller hooks of other tie-downs. The cam buckle is rated at over 1800 lbs and is also yellow zinc chromate coated. The ShockStrap is made from a proprietary formula and is not affected by most chemicals, sunlight, oil, salt water, fungus or moisture. The ShockStrap has a 500 lb strength rating. The ShockStrap stretches and flexes back into shape after hitting bumps or having side pressure on it.
The goal of Shockstrap products is to make everything from quality materials that work together to make a product that works great and lasts long, so you can get all your toys or equipment where you are going safely and effectively.
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