Part Number: 18RSBB


  • ShockStrap Ratchet Safety Strap is rated to 4600 lbs breaking strength
  • Safety Strap around one side of the ShockStraps
  • Commercial grade ratchet with outside release that is field replaceable
  • 2 Polyester webbing rated at 5000 lbs breaking strength
  • Integrated Soft Ties near both ends
  • Double Steel Hooks
  • Working Load Limit of 1533 lbs
Looking for a longer strap? See also 32RSBB for a 32' strap. Looking for a shorter strap? See also 9RSBB for a 9' strap
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Shipping Weight: 2.8 lbs.
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18' Black Ratchet ShockStrap

Product Description

The 18RSBB is an 18 ShockStrap Ratchet Safety Strap that has an industry leading 2 year warranty! These straps are tough, with a breaking point of over 4600 lbs. The 18RSBB is made with an industrial grade ratchet, 2 black Polyester material, built in soft ties, double steel zinc plated hooks. It also utilizes the unique flexible dual ShockStraps so allow the strap to flex instead of falling off.
Incorporated onto one side of the ShockStrap is a safety strap for two important reasons-
1. If a catastrophic accident were to happen and the ShockStrap broke, the Safety Strap would keep the tie down tight ensuring your load stays secure
2. The Safety Strap also acts as a tightness limiting point so you can't over-tighten or over stress the the Shockstrap.
The 2 Polyester material has a 5000 lb breaking point and overall the Ratchet Safety Strap has a 1533 lb working load limit. This industrial grade ratchet has an outside release for ease of use even with gloves on. It is bolted into place to offer easy replacement. Shockstraps continue to use Polyester webbing because it has superior qualities, stretches less, and is more resistant to rotting and mildew. It also has a higher strength rating and has a softer feel in your hands.
The doubled steel hooks have a yellow zinc chromate finish which provides better weather resistance and durability compared to standard chrome plating. Next to each hook there is an integrated soft loop to use if the hook wont fit. You can wrap the loop around an axle or handlebar and pull it tight against the hook. this works great to protect delicate surfaces and finishes that are so common when tying down your stuff.
The ShockStrap is made from a proprietary formula that is not affected by many chemicals, sunlight, oil, salt water, fungus and moisture. The strength of the Shockstrap product comes from the ability of the ShockStrap to maintain constant pressure on the strap when going over bumps or having side pressure applied to it. With this strap wont have to pull over every so often to re tighten your cargo straps.


  • Dependability ShockStraps provide superior shock absorption to prevent the strap from falling off
  • Safety Strap A backup strap in case the ShockStrap is broken by some catasrofic failure
  • Durability Made from Shockstraps proprietary formula, the Shockstrap is not affected by most chemicals, sunlight, oil, salt water, fungus or moisture
  • Rust Resistant Hooks and buckle are yellow zinc coated, making it last much longer longer than chrome plating
  • Soft Loop allows more tie-points and ways to secure your load
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